Looking for the Right Verse?

Steve Durkac

Hello, my name is Steve Durkac and I am the pastor of CrossHope Chapel, a nondenominational church in Mobile, Alabama.

CrossHope Chapel does church simpler, with relaxed gatherings, prayer support, simple worship, and informal fellowship around expository verse by verse teaching with open discussions.

The Topical Text Finder is a searchable resource that I put together to help any Bible student to quickly and easily find the right verse on any of the 300+ available topics.

When you visit the Topical Text Finder page and find the topic of your study, click on the topic linked, then your browser will open to a list of selected verses on that topic. You can review those verses without leaving this site when you hover your pointer or lightly touching with your finger on those links and the ESV will open for your viewing in a small window.