Pastor Steve Durkac CrossHope Chapel Mobile, Alabama

Steve Durkac

My name is Steve Durkac, I am the pastor of CrossHope Chapel, a nondenominational Bible believing church in Mobile, Alabama, and it is my honor to maintain this site and its ministry of topical Bible study.

In the 1990’s I hosted a syndicated radio broadcast called Ask the Bible which was a call-in question and answer program in the South Carolina and North Carolina market.

Today, I am using this domain and ministry name to offer Bible students a Topical Verse Search Finder study tool of 300+ topics with matched selected verses and 7-lesson self-paced free download Bible Study Guides course.

Looking for a brief but biblical email devotional? I write one called Daily Promise, and you can sign-up for free at www.dailypromise.org and I’ll share 365 selected Bible promises, one verse per day, in chronological order from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 with my brief pastoral insight of encouragement and my prayer application for the day.